Nurse Tubridy of Abergele Hospital in the 1950s

There was a nurse at Abergele Chest Hospital, or Abergele Sanitorium, in the early 1950s called Nurse Tubridy. Linda Ramsden has kindly shared some old photos from her personal archive of Abergele Hospital in the 1950s. we’ve been publishing Linda’s photos of life in the Hospital in Abergele Post during the past months. Many thanks to Linda:

Nurse Tubridy
Nurse Hughes and Nurse Tubridy

1 thought on “Nurse Tubridy of Abergele Hospital in the 1950s

  1. mike jones:

    lovely post, Abergele Hospital has always been blessed at having exceptional quality nursing and medical staff, a special ethos among it’s supporting staff through to our present day, anyone who has ever worked their of which I’m justly proud to say myself included, seem to generally remember with fondness and pride their time at the hospital

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