3 thoughts on “Market St postcard

  1. Dennis Parr:

    First shop on the left was Morgans theChemist followed by ( I think) Telehire.
    Next to this was The Cleaners then Wades the Bakery.
    We then come to Owens Fish & Chip shop followed by (probably) Boots the Chemist. I know that the next premises were that of my dad – Parr’s the tobacco
    and sweet shop – then the Post Office.
    Unless anyone has any further opinions ???

    1. David Hughes:

      I forgot morgans had a chemist next to your shop. Remember the rest. Excellent record of the shops in the past.

    2. Gareth Morlais:

      Thanks Dennis. We used to rent a TV from Telehire which I think later became Rediffusion. We had a free Pong games console the first time we rented a colour set. I remember your father at the sweetshop with affection Dennis.

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