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  1. Just been introduced to this new section by Delyth and Chris MacRae, our dear family who have been staying with my husband (Ralph) and I for the past ten days. All too short. I absolutely love this section, and look forward to viewing all the interesting stories about and around Abergele. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much Rosemary. Welcome to the Abergele post website. I’m writing some new Abergele in Shorts stories which I’ll start publishing next month.

  2. I am at present and have been for a number of years now, working in Indonesia. Not so much work more enjoying drawing, painting and producing cartoon and also childrens books.
    I was born in England but was brought to North Wales when I was less than six months old. I was educated both in schools and in life until I joined the Army.
    I have recently found “The Abergele Post” on line and have very quickly become a fan !! It is a long way from Home out here, and your stories keep me in touch. Hopefully I will be back in North Wales early in the new year. I hope that you keep this publication going well for the next ?? number of years.
    Well done,
    best regards,
    David E Barrett

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