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  1. Rosemary (Mickey) MacRae (nee Hick):

    Just been introduced to this new section by Delyth and Chris MacRae, our dear family who have been staying with my husband (Ralph) and I for the past ten days. All too short. I absolutely love this section, and look forward to viewing all the interesting stories about and around Abergele. Thank you.

    1. melyn:

      Thanks so much Rosemary. Welcome to the Abergele post website. I’m writing some new Abergele in Shorts stories which I’ll start publishing next month.

  2. David Barrett:

    I am at present and have been for a number of years now, working in Indonesia. Not so much work more enjoying drawing, painting and producing cartoon and also childrens books.
    I was born in England but was brought to North Wales when I was less than six months old. I was educated both in schools and in life until I joined the Army.
    I have recently found “The Abergele Post” on line and have very quickly become a fan !! It is a long way from Home out here, and your stories keep me in touch. Hopefully I will be back in North Wales early in the new year. I hope that you keep this publication going well for the next ?? number of years.
    Well done,
    best regards,
    David E Barrett

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