Little Parr’s the Sweetshop

Here’s a gem from Dennis Parr’s photography collection, which he’s kindly let the AbergelePost share. It’s a photo of the inside of the Parr’s family’s Little Shop, which sold sweets and cards.

I have very happy memories of buying sweets from here. If you zoom into the picture, you’ll see names like: Treets, Big Chief ice lolly, Coffee Crisp,  Caramac and Skippy.

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2 Responses to Little Parr’s the Sweetshop

  1. alan curtress says:

    these little pictures take you back in time we dont want to lose them magic

  2. David Hughes says:

    Now that is a trip down memory lane, seemed like only yesterday I was in there. Always remember Dennis’s Dad and Val working in there, used to buy two fags in a little packet. Happy days.

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