Lightship on Abergele beach

Further to Alan Jones comment about the Lightship being washed up on the beach. I posted a reply under Tank Traps on the beach relating my memories of what this vessel really was. This is a picture of one of the Mersey sea lane markers, complete with light, washed up on Formby Beach. I believe it was one of these that was washed up in the early 60’s and not a full blown Lightship. Apparently the occurrence of them breaking their moorings has been frequent over the years. Does this picture awake anyone’s memories ?

2 thoughts on “Lightship on Abergele beach

  1. Alan Jones:

    Yes that is exactly the type of vessel that I remember seeing.

    1. David Hughes:

      Thanks Alan, I can remember it seeming so big to us kids climbing on the thing. It must of been towed off the beach a high tide but I don’t remember it going or how long it was there.

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