4 thoughts on “Kinmel Camp 1956

  1. David Hughes:

    Great photograph. Wonder where they all are now ?

  2. James Walker:

    are there any photos of the instructors from this time

    1. felgate f j:

      i was in kinmel camp53 -55 gnr felgate 80-81 batry batry carpenter with geoff shaw our sgt mjr was fred pirbrick other names gnr ashard -hooper- brown-weldon- sgt smith-cpt kelly i have some group photoes but need help to copy we have lived in nz now since1965 118 princes st temuka 7920 would love to contact some from that time how many left this old gnr is 83 kind regards

  3. John Johnson:

    I am writing a book at the moment “One Hundred Years Service to the Crown, Kinmel Park Camp”. I am looking snippets from the 1950 era, anyone out there with good stories or phjotographs and would like them published into my book please contact at Bowmanvillejohn@hotmail.com. Thank you. John

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