Hywell the Barbers, then and now.

Following Nigel Hilton’s informative comments concerning Hywell the Barbers. Here are two pictures showing the building in the 1960’s and how it looks now. The 1960’s picture was originally posted by Dennis Parr (Parr’s Cafe)

Brige St Abergele in June 1963
Brige St Abergele in June 1963








4 thoughts on “Hywell the Barbers, then and now.

  1. Nigel Hilton:

    That certainly brings back memories. Thanks David – and thanks to Dennis Parr for posting the original photo. Am I being sentimental if I say that the corner looked nicer back then? Now it looks somewhat, what’s the word I want – incomplete? Ah, the joys of progress.

  2. Noel Hughes:

    The photo is NOT of Hywel Barbwr but of Meredith Roberts, another Barber. Hywel Barber was in business two or three doors from the George & Dragon. Mered was a case and was very much a practical joker – I could tell you a few tales i.e. how he used to plonk a fully soaped-up brush into the mouths of unsuspecting customers!! and lots of other tricks.He did not seem to lose any customers though!!!! Nigel Hilton – no you are not being too sentimental – I agree that it should not have been demolished – it did not serve any real purpose

  3. David Hughes:

    Hello Noel,

    Thank you for that and of course you are quite correct. That’s what I like about these type of activities we can bounce memories off each other to get them right. I remember Dad taking me to Meredith’s and he used to put a little seat across the main one to raise us kids into the air to save him bending down. I can still remember the sweet smelling stuff he used to put on your hair after and often wondered, as a child, about the significance of “something for the weekend”

  4. Phil Northam:

    The barbers here was Meredydd’s with Eric as his partner. Hywel the Barbers was further along Market Street and still is a barbers??

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