Has anyone else seen an urban badger in Abergele?

Early Wednesday morning, in Bryn Awel Avenue , off High Street, my father went downstairs to get the paper from his letterbox. Looking through the glass into the porch, he saw a sow badger, nibbling dry catfood sprinkled by the postman for the local cats.

Urban foxes are well known, but urban badgers…?

2 thoughts on “Has anyone else seen an urban badger in Abergele?

  1. Pam Owen:

    One night last week we noticed some flower pots had been overturned in the night in our garden, and we assumed it was a stray dog or an urban fox.
    Last night I was woke up at about 2am by the security lights on in our back garden on Compton Way and saw a badger which disappeared through the hedge after a few moments. It was probably the same one as you saw.

    1. Karen Beck:

      We also have had a visitor during the night overturning the food recycling box and think this may be the badger!

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