Has anyone else seen an urban badger in Abergele?

Early Wednesday morning, in Bryn Awel Avenue , off High Street, my father went downstairs to get the paper from his letterbox. Looking through the glass into the porch, he saw a sow badger, nibbling dry catfood sprinkled by the postman for the local cats.

Urban foxes are well known, but urban badgers…?

3 thoughts on “Has anyone else seen an urban badger in Abergele?

  1. Pam Owen:

    One night last week we noticed some flower pots had been overturned in the night in our garden, and we assumed it was a stray dog or an urban fox.
    Last night I was woke up at about 2am by the security lights on in our back garden on Compton Way and saw a badger which disappeared through the hedge after a few moments. It was probably the same one as you saw.

    1. Karen Beck:

      We also have had a visitor during the night overturning the food recycling box and think this may be the badger!

  2. LL22:

    I saw a badger at 10:19pm on Monday (19/4/2021) night as I drove South up Chapel Street. It was on the wide pavement corner of High St. and Llanfair Rd. and walked across Chapel St. to between the litter bin and public bench outside the wall of Mynydd Seion where it continued sniffing around. As I drew level with the bench I quickly glanced at the badger which returned my glance before resuming its important badger business.

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