Harp Court, Abergele

Harp Court, Abergele. These flats were built here by Eldon R. Gorst, Abergele. Gorst bought the site from Richard Pearce, Auctioneers. Previously, the site had been used as a pig market.

Harp Court, Abergele. Adeiladwyd y fflatiau yma gan Eldon R. Gorst, Abergele. Prynnwyd Gorst Y safle oddi wrth cwmni arwerthwyr Richard Pearce, Abergele. Ynghynt ‘roeed y safle yma yn cael ei defnyddio yn farchnad moch.

Harp Court, Abergele
Abergele’s Harp Court photographed in 2012 by Sion Jones

1 thought on “Harp Court, Abergele

  1. Alun Owen:

    Gorst fid not build Harp Court…
    Whelmar did.

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