From on high

Here’s an interesting old photo from the air of old Abergele. A few things to note…

The old police cell is there next to the chapel.
The old warehouse is there in all its glory. The mill is obscured.
The chapel’s row of cottages next to the playing fields han’t yet been built. Neither had Gele Ave. There are lots of empty fields behind the Gwindy.

A fascinating photo from Mark Roberts and Mark Baker’s excellent book

4 thoughts on “From on high

  1. David Hughes:

    Another interesting item is the chimney attached to the mill. This was the chimney of the coal gas works which provided the gas for the lamps on Market Street.

  2. Ron Brown:

    I mentioned some time ago to Gareth that I was born in the nook next to my uncle Earnests house which is visible in the courtyard of the old cottages which are at the start of High St opposite the small lane that runs through to Glanravon,when you look at the rear of cottages you can see the entry that was the entrance to them on the right of the entry lived my auntie Margarets mother nanny Thomas and next door lived auntie Gwen Bertie Babs mother across the road the house next to mill entrance lived Mrs.Lowbridge her daughter Faith still lives in Abergele I have fond memories of watching Mrs.Lowbridge and Mrs.Shone the policemans wife walking dog up the Llanfair road very happy memories of the wonderful people who lived there then

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