Easily-forgotten features of Abergele Market Street 1961

I wanted to highlight a few elements of the fantastic photo of a 1961 parade in Abergele Market Street by Dennis Parr (see the full original photo here).


First of all is the Parr’s shop sign above Parr’s the toyshop in the early 60s. I love this logo:




Secondly, do you remember the vending machines outside the shop? You could buy fresh milk as well as chocolate bars and Beech Nut chewing gum:




Next, do you remember when we used to rent our television sets instead of buying them? Here’s the Telehire TV rental shop, as it used to be called before it was Rediffusion:


Finally, we’ve already shared Dennis Parr’s photo of the cafe above his toyshop, but how many of you remember the cafe above Wade’s?





When you look closely enough at old photos like this it’s surprising how many memories it brings back.

1 thought on “Easily-forgotten features of Abergele Market Street 1961

  1. Gwyneth Davies:

    Hello Mr Parr I find all your photos of Abergele old and new amazing ,I’m just wondering if you could help me with some information please .At the left hand side of Cumberland bakery shop between the shop and the Gwindy there seems to be a very old weather vane ,part of it seems to be missing do you know anything of its history please .Thank you

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