Desperately seeking Squire Jacob

AbergelePost reader John Wallace has been in touch to ask for other readers’ help:

“I am seeking information about a great uncle of mine who kept an hotel in Abergele, and who died at Norcroft, Dundonald Avenue. His name was Squire Jacob or Jacobs. I believe he was a JP. The hotel and the house where he died were probably the same. If you have anything on him in your archives, and especially if you can identify which house in the present Dundonald Avenue was Norcroft, I’d be more than grateful. The period in question is roughly 1900-1930.”

Please use the comments at the bottom of the page if you have any information to help John.

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  1. Val donovan:

    I posted in this a lovely forum See reply

    Find someone with access to the 1939 Register, search for Square Jacob (yes, spell it like that) in the Abergele U.D, Denbighshire area, the household includes Square Jacob born 1872, Louise Jacob born 1876 and Lawrence M Jacob born 1910. There are more Jacob surnames in Abergele also but not in the same household.

  2. Val donovan:

    I would give the complete details but I don’t subscribe to Find My Past website so I don’t have access to anymore details. Squire jacob didn’t die till 1947, age of 75. I believe the NHS used the 1939 register and updated things on it, so there might be details of later info on there. If he has access to facebook, tell him to try Ancestry UK page which is a page of very helpful individuals some who have access to the 1939 register

    1. Val donovan:

      My mum spoke of a Mr Jacobs, sure he helped her get leave while she was in the army during WW2, he had managed to get his own daughter out of the call up.

  3. David Hughes:

    There was a gentleman who served on the Council at Abergele for 20 years. His name was Mr Squire Jacob Norcroft. Is this the man your looking for ??

    1. Val donovan:

      According to the internet there was a gentleman that served on Abergele Council for twenty years. His name was Mr Squire Jacob Norcroft !!

  4. Albert Roberts:

    The only information that I can find in FreeBMD is

    Squire Jacobs born, December quarter in West Derby (Liverpool)

    Squire Jacob married, March quarter in Wrexham, to Louise Mason

    Squire Jacob, died December quarter 1947 in Aled

    Louise Jacob, died June quarter 1958 (aged 83) in St Asaph

    West Derby, Wrexham, Aled and St Asaph are the registration districts not the exact place of birth, death etc

    Hope this may help you John

  5. Albert Roberts:

    Sorry John

    The birth was in December 1871

    The marriage was in March 1896

    I was rushing !

  6. Delyth MacRae:

    Squire Jacobs was a councillor for the Pensarn Ward 1914-19, i seem to think he was associated with the Abergele Football Club as their manager too. I will have a look sure i have some photos of him somewhere.

  7. Albert Roberts:

    A tidier summary of the information relating to Squire Jacob and family.

    Note that he is sometimes referred to as Jacob and other times as Jacobs; also his wife is shown as Louise and Louisa.

    Squire Jacob(s), born Dec qtr 1871 in West Derby
    Married Louise Mason, March qtr 1896 in Wrexham
    Died Dec qtr 1947 in Aled

    Louisa Mason, born June qtr 1875 in Wrexham
    Died June qtr 1958 (aged83) in St Asaph

    Squire and Louisa had two sets of twins:
    Sidney Squire & Frederick Harold, born Mch qtr 1898 in West Derby
    Sidney Squire died in Mch qtr 1957 (aged59) in Aled

    Lawrence Mason & Edna Louise, born Mch qtr 1910 in Birkenhead
    Lawrence as killed 14 June 1942 aged 31 (Pilot Officer RAF VR)

    The 1911 Census shows the family living in Liscard on the Wirral, Squire is shown as an accountant.

    I cannot access any more recent information.

    Happy hunting!

  8. Delyth MacRae:

    There was a Jacob and a Jacobs family living at Abergele at that time -titally unrelated.

    Squire Jacob, Norcroft, Dundonald Ave. a semi detached house which is now known by the name if ‘Garth’ . He was the owner of the Cambrian Hotel in Pensarn.

    As i stated yesterday he was a local councillor for the Pensarn ward and was Chairman Of Abergele Urban District Council on two occasions 19 and 1944-45.
    He owned the Bowlong Club in Pensarn and a member if the Golf Club, i have sime pictures which i shall dig out

    If my memory is correct he had a son, Lawrence, are you related ?

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