Bryngwenallt Hall

Further to Gareth’s 1925 postcard of Bryngwenallt, I came across one which appears to be slightly earlier, probably pre WW1 showing Bryngwenallt Hall, with Siamber Wen farm in the foreground. I would imagine the photo was taken from above the the Red Rocks area, possibly a place we local children called ‘The Glass House’. That was the site of one of (Abergele Sanitorium’s) Plas Uchaf’s old chalets forming part of the outlying TB wards’ buildings. Bryngwenallt’s gardens appear truly beautiful, as befitting such a splendid property. It was very sad to see how the Hall lost so much of its former glory, to my mind, from the 1960’s onwards, to become a mere shadow of its former self.

Bryngwenallt Hall - date unknown.

Bryngwenallt Hall – date unknown.


Garry McAlpine (see our exchanges further down this page) has kindly sent some lovely photos of Bryngwenallt Hall which I’ve included below, though I’ve had to reduce them in size somewhat compared to their original format :

Bryngwenallt 1 Bryngwenallt 2 Bryngwenallt 3

I’m afraid I don’t know when they date to but, in the same way that they resurrected long-forgotten happy memories for me, I’m sure they will do the same for other of our readers. Many thanks for your input Garry & for sending them for inclusion on the site.

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4 Responses to Bryngwenallt Hall

  1. Garry McAlpine says:

    Nigel can you contact me as I have some pictures of Bryngwenallt hall in the 60s As my father was going to buy it.

  2. Nigel Hilton says:

    Hi Garry,
    Sincere apologies for the delay in replying to your above post. Things have been rather hectic on the home front in recent months, exacerbated by my other half being rather poorly then her having had a bad fall as well. I’ll send you a personal e–mail with my contact details, unless you’d rather the photos go straight onto this site, in which case we’ll get something sorted out for you.
    Regards, Nigel Hilton.

  3. Nigel Hilton says:

    Garry kindly provided additional information regarding the 3 photos of his which are published above. To the best of his recollections, they probably date to around the summer of 1963 when the family was on holiday in Rhyl. Thanks for that Garry.

  4. G Swan says:

    Hello, I lived at Bryn Gwenallt when my father was a labourer during renovations in 1959.. I was 4 and remember collecting snow off the roof of the ballroom because we had a bitter freeze. My father is still alive and my family from Manchester have good memories of visiting us in the summer. It was fairytale time for me as a young girl.

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