5 thoughts on “Amy Johnson makes a forced landing at Hendre Fawr, Abergele – early 1930’s

  1. David Hughes:

    Great picture Dennis. Really good to see more people contributing to the site. Looking forward to seeing more of your photographs.

  2. Rosemary MacRae:

    I have just shown your wonderful photogaph to my husband, Ralph. He remembers well a family friend taking him to see Amy Johnson’s landing in Abergele. We had no idea her untimely death was due to drowning. So very very sad.

  3. David Hughes:

    A couple of interesting things,

    The aircraft in the photo was a de Havilland Puss Moth registered to her future husband Jim Mollison, a Scotish record breaking flier. They were married later in the same month as the event in Abergele. Does anyone know who the other people are ?, I think the man in the middle is her husband to be.

    Concerning her death, it seems to be a complete mystery, there are many rumours that she was on a secret mission or some other clandestine activity. Despite being recorded as flying alone there were eye witness reports that two people bailed out of the plane but the bodies were never found. In 1999 a retired Navy gunner admitted that they has shot her down as she approched because she didn’t give the correct identification code word. About ten years ago a team of divers claimed that they had found her plane in the Thames mud. I don’t know if it was ever recovered. Maybe the plane holds the truth of what happened ?

    1. Henry Lloyd-Jones:

      The man on the left in the photo is William Kerfoot of Hendre Bach Abergele where Amy Johnson actually landed in a field next to what we now know as Thorncliff’s recycling. The kerfoots were in Hendre Bach before my father came there in 1936 and it was William Kerfoots grandson who was born in Hendre Bach remembers her landing there and who in fact said she also stayed the night at the farm with Jim Mollison.

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