American Abergelite seeks info about Albert Roberts

Siân Roberts has written to ask for readers’ help:

“I’m Americian-born with a strong Abergele connection, my Father moved from there in 1968 to the US. I’m hoping to find out more information about my Taid Albert Roberts, died perhaps 1960? My father refers to his Roberts grandparents are Nain and Taid Pensarn….Might these folks be related to Roberts’ that are the topic above?

“His mother’s maiden name was Wynne-Jones, and he called her parents Nian and Taid Cadau, short for the name of the family farm south of Abergele called Cadau Mawr. I’m curious to know if my Nian (Jane Roberts, nee Wynne-Jones, died Nov. 1993) might have been related to Edward Irwine Wynne-Jones, of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers during WWI, and if so how.

“Any help would be tremendously helpful, it’s been twenty-five years since I’ve been back, and sadly I don’t think I’m going to be able to come check the records myself any time soon.”

Sian posted her comment here, so feel free to reply to her comment if you have any useful information.

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  1. Carol Rossington (nee Roberts) says:

    Hi Sian, I am presuming that you are Alun’s daughter.My father was his cousin, Albert’s brother William John(known as Gwilym) was my taid.would love to hear from you and be able to tell you more about your Welsh family

  2. Sian Roberts says:


    I apologise for the delay in my reply, I’ve been camping and away from my computer for the last several days.

    I am Alun’s daughter, and would love to know more about the family I’ve not had much of a chance to get to know. I don’t have any memories of the first time I visited in 1974, as I was only 18 months old at the time, but I’ve heard that Gwilym Mawr and Gwilym Bach visited with us.

    My Dad has most of my photos, including some of the 1982 and 1990 trips I’ve made to Abergele, he should be close to having them all scanned soon though. I don’t have any photos of my Taid or his siblings or parents, very few of my Uncle Dafydd, mostly from my visits to Wales or his visits to America.

    I’d love to have people to visit with when I get to visit next, hopefully with my own daughters and fiance, though right now it’s nothing more than a dream.

  3. Albert Roberts says:


    We have the correct Albert Roberts, as I now remember that he had a son Dafydd, who will now be in his early 70s.



    • Sian Roberts says:


      Sadly, my Uncle passed away in 1999, while living in Colwyn Bay. He was an advocate for people with Special Needs and Learning Disabilities, and as I recall, built very much like his Father.

      Do you mind if I ask which website you found my Taid’s death record on? I’ve had great luck at finding the websites that you have to pay to see the records, but no luck at finding the free-to-access records.

      Thanks again for all your help, you’ve been tremendous!

      • Albert Roberts says:


        If you Google: it should lead you to the site and enable you to search for births, marriage and deaths from the start of registration up to c1970.



        • Sian Roberts says:

          Thank you once again, Albert. Most of the UK sites don’t come up for me for some reason, probably something to do with the algorithms used here in the US. First several that I could initially find were a pay sites.

          The another was Andrew Hesketh’s blog, a thread about the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in World War I, with some information about an Edward Irwine Wynne-Jones, who might have been an older brother or cousin of my Nain, Jane, who married Albert Roberts. My questions seemed like they would have been off topic, so I’ve held off from posting there.

          But, now perhaps I can find some of those answer….

          Thanks once again,

  4. Sian Roberts says:

    I’m also very interested in the Wynne-Jones side of my family, if anyone has any information about Jane Roberts’ (nee Wynne-Jones) siblings and parents, grandparents and other extended family.

    Thank you all, very much….

  5. Carol Rossington (nee Roberts) says:

    Hi Sian, your Dad will remember me. My taid was Gwilym mawr and my dad was Gwilym Bach. It is strange that I didn’t get to see you on your first visit. Where did you stay? My e.mail address is and I feel this is the best way to communicate with each other now .

    • Sian Roberts says:


      I’ll email you shortly, since we’re getting into the land of personal information.


      • Andrew Hesketh says:

        Hi. I will get back to you about Edward Irwine Wynne Jones. I do have some information about his military career, but I’m currently in France (on the Somme) so it may be a little while. If I’ve posted mothing within a week or two please do not hesitate to post a reminder as I will just simply have forgotten!

  6. Hope it’s going well in France Andrew. Best regards, Gareth

    • Andrew Hesketh says:

      Thanks Gareth. I took a school group to the battlefields and we laid a wreath at the Welsh Dragon Memorial at Mametz Wood. It was a great experience.

  7. Andrew Hesketh says:

    Sian, this is what I have. Hopefully you can make a family connection…..

    WYNNE-JONES, EDWARD IRVINE (note: both Irvine and Irwine have been seen as a middle name), Son of the late D. T. Jones, C.M. Missionary, of Silchar, India. Born in India 1 January 1895. At Felsted School in Essex in 1911. Attended Jesus College, Oxford with a home address (at that time) of Asroi, Llanddulas. Another reference provides an address of Glan Gele, Sea Road, Abergele. Joined Oxford University Officer Training Cadets (OTC). Commissioned as Second Lieutenant from the OTC, 14 November 1914, to the 8th Welsh. In June 1915 he commanded the King’s Guard at the Royal Pavilion, Aldershot, and was presented to, and dined with, the King, George V, the Queen and Princess Mary. Survived the Suvla landings, Gallipoli, August 1915 when his battalion was decimated (according to a local press report), but 8th Welsh were at ANZAC and not Suvla. Every member of his platoon was killed or wounded. Appointed temporary Captain 11 August 1915, aged 20, and Gazetted June 1917. After withdrawal from Gallipoli the 8th Welsh served in Mesopotamia. Relinquished his commission September 1921. When he claimed his medals after the war he gave his address as The Peak, Hong Kong. By this time he was working for the Colonial Office. He stayed in Hong Kong, eventually becoming Postmaster General and Chairman of the Hong Kong Broadcasting Studio. Interned in Stanley Internment Camp during the Japanese occupation in World War II. By 1953 he was living at ‘Eryri’, Llanidloes and was a Sheriff of Montgomeryshire. He married Morforwyn after the war and had children named Molly and John.

    • Sian Roberts says:


      Thank you so much, even if I’m not related to him, it sounds like this Wynne-Jones had an amasing life, and I’m glad to know a little about it.

      Thank you again,

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