Abergele Junior School

This is a picture of the Staff at the Junior School taken in the early fifties, I think ! I know some of them, but perhaps someone could fill in the gaps.

Top row, left to right, Gwilym Williams, Fred Roberts, Lloyd Hughes, Unknown ??

Bottom Row left to right, Two ladies unknown ?, David Davies (Headmaster), Miss Jones, Unknown ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Abergele Junior School

  1. Dennis_Parr:

    Hi Dave,
    I have quite a few old photos of Abergele which I could put on Abergelepost.
    Gareth has sent me instructions but I’m lost !!

    Gareth suggests that youmay be able to help me ?



  2. David Hughes:

    Hi Dennis,

    OK, I’ll call you later today.

    Best regards,


    1. Gareth Morlais:

      That’s kind David. Many thanks.
      Dennis, I see you’ve published the first of your treasures. It’s a gem. Thanks for that. For info, now contact has been made, I’ve edited out your phone number from the previous comment.

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