Abergele Grammar School old photographs

Does anyone have any group photographs, or know the whereabouts of any, taken during the period 1963-1969 of staff and pupils of the Old Abergele Grammar School please? My recollections of my school years are fast fading and I’m hoping that access to such photos might just jog my memory. Many thanks.

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  1. David Hughes says:

    Hi Nigel,I have a few so I’ll post them over the next few days.

  2. Bryn Jones says:

    Hi Nigel. Your grey cells must be older that you !! Remember that class of good boys, Brian Heap, Roger Pemberton, David Round, Gareth Roberts —- Oops my grey cells are going now.
    Check out http://www.silverbirchgolfclub.co.uk and give me a call.

    • Nigel Hilton says:

      Hi Bryn,
      Gosh, yes I remember those names. Brian’s family came from the Macclesfield area originally I believe & I once stayed at their house in Llanddulas. I seem to recall that Roger Pemberton was a gifted footballer at school. Didn’t he go out for a while with the daughter of the family that owned the Jolly Friar chippy? Didn’t David Round’s folks used to own & run Palins Holiday Park near Kinmel Bay? I recall the pair of us getting together there over Chemistry homework on a few occasions. Gareth I also remember. Wasn’t his family from the Moelfre area? What about David Howartson too. I met his younger sister on several occasions through my work in the Midland (HSBC) Bank where she was also staff. Since retiring back to Abergele I’ve also bumped into our old classmates Mavis & Gwyneth around town. Thanks for stirring up my old grey cells from those days.

  3. Richard G Wilson says:

    HI. Does anyone know if there is an “old pupils” organisation for Abergele GS? I was there from 1955-62. Thanks, Richard Wilson

  4. liz rooks says:

    I have a school photograph taken April 1967,

    • Nigel Hilton says:

      That’s great news. I wonder if Gareth could liaise with you in the hopes we can get it published on here for all to see – always assuming you have no objections to that Liz?

  5. liz rooks says:

    If you let me have your address I would be happy to post it, but please return it.

  6. Derek Harper says:

    I am trying to get in touch with Nigel Hilton
    I attended Abergele Grammer School between Oct 1940/June 1944
    I have a photograph of school football team 1943/44 season that I would like to forward it to him
    Please could someone provide me with a contact number or email
    Kind Regards

  7. Nigel Hilton says:

    Hello Derek,
    Thank you for your above offer regarding the 1943/44 football team photograph. I’ve written to you direct with details of how you can contact me. Alternatively, you might prefer to e-mail it to abergelepost.com as suggested by Gareth in his above response to Liz Rooks dated 27 November 2013. Just send a brief e-mail, attach your photo & click on send. If you could use ‘Abergele Grammar School Old Photos’ as a subject heading, it will help us link it to this page.
    Thanks again. Best wishes, Nigel.

  8. Phil Northam says:

    I have the long school photos for 1964 & 67!

  9. Andrew Nigel Hilton says:

    Hello Phil, that’s brilliant news. From memory, they were around 18 inches long (sorry, I still think in old money) so the only way I can think of, to be able to share them with our readers, would be via several overlapping smaller images. I’ll send you a separate e-mail in the hopes we can sort something out & hope that’s OK with you.
    Best wishes, Nigel.

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