Abergele Funky Stars Morris Dancers seek home

Russ Foames of the Abergele Funky Stars Morris Dancers group – which has been making an impression since the 2012 Carnival – has been in touch with an appeal for AP readers:

“We are currently looking for a new hall to hire once a week to practice and would like to know if you know of any places you could recommend i.e local church room, etc. I can’t seem to find any info and if you could help I would very much appreciate this.”

Feel free to use the comments section at the bottom of this page if you can help Russ and his wife and their dance group.

5 thoughts on “Abergele Funky Stars Morris Dancers seek home

  1. Delyth MacRae:

    St George Village Hall, st George plenty of room ceilings of a Ovid height too.
    Red Cross Rooms, Church St

  2. Mardelle Morris:

    If you are still looking for a room, you could have a look at the Llanddulas Youth and Community Centre, Llanddulas. It has a high ceiling, kitchen area avail for use, parking nearby. The floor is ‘non slip’ floor though, so don’t know if this would suit your purpose, but it is an affordable hall near to Abergele… so might just be worth a look!

  3. Linda Maguire:

    Please can you let me know how you join.

    1. anon:

      ONE WORD…DONT!! their is plenty of other troupes out their! please don’t join this one.

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