Abergele barbers: Hywel, Mr Roberts and Eric

AbergelePost reader Noel Hughes has been in touch with some memories he wanted to share with us. I can remember Mr Roberts cutting our hair. I always saw him out walking his small white hairy terrier. Here’s Noel’s message in his own words:

“I remember Hywel y Barbwr very well. In 1944 as a 10 year old I had to visit his shop nightly and deliver the Evening News. He always used to tease me and one evening there was heavy fog and rain and I was an hour late with the paper and asked why it was so late. Trying my best Welsh on him I replied ‘mae yna fog ar y  lein Mr. Roberts’ and he promptly corrected me and said ‘Niwl hogyn ddim fog’ His newly married wife was one of my teachers at Junior School. Yes, he was a very dear man and was always jolly.

“I also remember Mr. Roberts, the other barber very well. One hell of a character who played all sorts of tricks on his customers. His assistant was Eric who later had his own business in Chapel Street,
If anyone wants to know anything about Abergele during WW2 and the seige situation that we all found ourselvesa in, then please let me know.

“In recent years I saw a report in the Daily Post about some old tunneling in or near Kinmel Hall – I have the answer to that as well especially if they found some pasta down there!!!!!”

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