In the last post I showed you Abergele station. How many people remember the other train station in Abergele ? Here it is, the long forgotten Gwrych Castle station. Looking at the dress of the people in it I believe it was taken sometime in the mid-fifties. What a place the Castle was then, not like today in its poor state. The attractions were many and exciting. The Train, the Marquee, which is where the entertainment was held. It had magicians, bands and dancers. The sweet shop where you could buy pink spearmint bars for tuppence, wrapped up in greaseproof paper. What an art it was, to be able to unwrap the sticky mess after hours of it being in your pocket ! The staircase, that seemed to go up forever, all of us secretly hoping we would see the famed Ghost of Gwrych, not really, just bravado, remember being a bit scarred. The Chamber of Horrors, a place not to be treated lightly when you were small. The back way in from Tan-y-Goppa, didn’t have to pay if you could survive the brambles you had to get through. The walk to the watchtower to spy down onto the road below. The long line of people making their way up the long drive, dragging kids or pushing prams, the better off being able to park their cars below the castle, always viewed with some jealousy by those that didn’t have one. It was a rare sight in those days for a family to have Car. Picnicking on the grass below the Castle. All 30 minutes from home. Remember when the grounds were free to roam, the golf course was  down Sea Road then, built on now, but still known as the “Links” estate for obvious reasons. Remember as kids being paid by the Golf Club to pick up stones on their course at Gwrych.

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