New York Terrace, Abergele

New York Terrace Sea Road Junction 1872

Norman Williams recently enquired if anyone could help him to locate Eurog House, New York Terrace, Abergele. Two of his late relatives, Mary Roberts (nee Williams) and her husband, Owen Roberts, had lived there prior to their both dying in early 1901 (see The Old Pubs, Inns & Taverns of Abergele in the 1800’s). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find anything marked on any of the surviving terrace buildings to indicate which it might have been. There again, it’s not unknown for house names to change down the years either.

There was, however, another adjacent terrace which no longer exists (see the 1872 map section above). That was called New York Street and comprised 10 properties, whereas New York Terrace had only 7 properties originally. The Terrace and Street, like Roche House which faced them, were all built by John Jones prior to 1861.

The above postcard shows Roche House on the extreme left. The right side of the same image shows the gable end of the first/last of the terraced houses in New York Street with the access just visible beyond.

Can any of our readers, perhaps with a more intimate knowledge of the area, shed any light on Norman’s query? My only other thought would be for him to contact the Local Archives in Lloyd Street, Llandudno to see if the 1900 Rates Books might clarify matters. I’ve put their contact details on the Pubs, Inns & Taverns page which has Norman’s original enquiry.

Nigel Hilton.

Darlith Cymdeithas Emrys ap Iwan talk

This is a bilingual post; the English follows the Welsh…

Rwyf wedi derbyn gwahoddiad gan Gymdeithas Emrys ap Iwan i gyflwyno darlith am y wefan hon – Abergele Post – a hanes Abergele o safbwynt hanesyddol o’m hatgofion o’r dref yn y 60au a’r 70au. Mae’r ddarlith am 7.30yr hwyr yn Festri Capel Mynydd Seion ar nos Wener 21ain o Dachwedd 2014. Byddaf yn dangos lluniau o’r dref o’r cyfnod ac yn son am ambell gymeriad a digwyddiad cofiadwy. Mae na groeso cynnes i chi ddod i wrando.

I’ve been invited by the Emrys ap Iwan Society to present a lecture in Welsh about this Abergele Post website and my memories of growing up in Abergele in the 60s and 70s. It’s on Friday 21 November at 7.30pm at Mynydd Seion Chapel Vestry. It’s a visual presentation with lots of photos and images of the town. I’ll look back at some of the town’s characters and happenings. There is no simultaneous translation but, if you’re a Welsh speaker or have any understanding of Welsh, you’ll be made most welcome.

Gareth Morlais. Photo/llun: Ashroplad
Gareth Morlais. Photo/llun: Ashroplad

A list of grants available for your sports club

This post is triggered by a discussion on Twitter about the difficulties Abergele Rovers / Kinmel Bay Sports FC football team have been having with sports facilities. The club would like a ground in Abergele which meets the standards asked for by the Welsh FA. That entails having a solid barrier around the pitch and changing facilities near the pitch itself. There’s more about this story in this Pioneer article by Tomos Hughes.

So, whether or not you play your sport in Abergele, here’s a list of links to explore if your sports team or club needs some financial help to buy kit, equipment, goalposts, transport, etc.

SportsWales ChwaraeonCymru

Nicola Hill explains the role of the Football Foundation and where else you can go to finance your new kit, goalposts, turf, floodlighting, stadium

Sported. National grants and funding deadlines.

Cash4Clubs by BetFair and SportsAid

The Sports and Play Construction Association.

Living Sport’s Funding for Sports Clubs.

There are many other sources of funding available, including Big Lottery, crowdfunding platforms, charitable trusts and foundations, etc. Please feel free to add your suggestions in the Comments.