Novella about growing up in Abergele free to download for Kindle for a few days

I’ve written here before about Abergele author Rob Burslem.  He’s perhaps best known for his books set in Africa (Murdoch’s Africa). I’ve just heard that his Abergele novella Three Pomegranates and a Half Bottle of Scotch has been made available for free download by Amazon for a few days as a Kindle edition.

If you’re reading this article after about mid May 2014, you’re probably too late to get it for free, but the novella’s been well reviewed on the store, so it’s worth a look.  Reviewer Paul writes: “This was an excellent read. I couldn’t help but have empathy with Kevin’s plight. The conversational style felt really authentic. As the story progressed I couldn’t put the book down. I actually chocked when I read the author’s note at the end.