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Has anyone else seen an urban badger in Abergele?

Early Wednesday morning, in Bryn Awel Avenue , off High Street, my father went downstairs to get the paper from his letterbox. Looking through the glass into the porch, he saw a sow badger, nibbling dry catfood sprinkled by the postman for the local cats.

Urban foxes are well known, but urban badgers…?

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Do you know who owns this piece of land?

I’d appreciate some help in finding out who owns this piece of land please.
It’s in Pensarn, between the railway line and the beach, next to Ty Crwn caravan park.
Here it is shown on a map:

copyright Google Maps

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Mount Cottage, Abergele

Juliet Roberts has been in touch with a question:

“Some very helpful chaps were able to help me out a few weeks ago pin pointing were my grandparents had lived at the time of their marriage. I have since found out they also lived at an address in Abergele called MOUNT COTTAGE. Now..i know the area we called The Mount was on Water Street….but can any of you learned people tell me where Mount Cottage was situated please?”

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Abergele’s 2012 Olympic torchbearers revealed

Here’s a list of the people who’ll be carrying the Olympic flame through Abergele on 29 May 2012

Eduard Kim (46) from Almaty

George Jacob (37) from Dubai

Gleb Nuriev (15) from Kondrovo

Graeme Johnson (69) from Dyserth

Joanne Wallace (34) from Warrington

Nathan Edwards-Hughes (19) from Abergele

Phil Jones(40) from Bodelwyddan

Stephen Bellis(56) from Mold

Steven Crossland(31) from Formby


Good luck to all the Torchbearers, there’s sure to be a fantastic turn-out as the Torch enters town from the old road from Llanddulas, passes along Market St, turns left at the Gwindy lights down Water St, Dundonald Avenue and into Pensarn.

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The Globe Cinema, Kinmel Camp

Earlier this year I published a post showing some pictures of Kinmel Camp. Mike Roberts left a comment to remind us that the Camp Cinema was known as the Globe. Here are a few pictures of the Globe Cinema.

These pictures are reproduced with the kind permission of the JTR forum, Rhyl. You can view their website at The JTR initials are for the Junior Tradesmens  Regiment Rhyl who were based at Kinmel Camp between 1962 and 1974.

The Globe Cinema,

Inside the cinema,

Some of the Staff,

Do you recognise anyone ?. Please leave a comment if you know who they are.

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Milk Vending Machine

Gareths question about the milk vending machine outside Parr’s Toy Shop, this is what it I remember it looked like. They were used far and wide in the 60’s to distribute milk to the puplic. I came across this picture a while ago, it shows a machine of the same type as the one I remember in Abergele. You had three selection, Milk, Orange Juice and Strawberry flavoured milk. I guess they could be veried depending on the supplier of the service. This picture was taken in the North East but it serves to remind us of the one we had in Abergele. Maybe someone else has memories of it.

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Snow to finish- the last of the old street.

Cold and lonely - but a fine day on which to go !!
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Almost the end !!!

Sad demolition of Peel St, Abergele
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Abergele Peel St – the end ?

Almost gone !!
Peel St Abergele prior to being demiloshed. I wonder whos cat, poor thing ?
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? got left behind !!

Peel St Abergele prior to being demiloshed. I wonder whos cat, poor thing ?
Left behind.