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Did witches dance naked around this tree?

Here’s an Abergele Halloween video for you. Shot on Tower Hill.

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Abergele Fireworks 2011

Here are the details of Abergele’s main Bonfire Night / Halloween firework display. The poster was photographed outside Discos while I was distributing flyers for AbergelePost with added QR codes around the town’s wireless internet points and in some shops … Continue reading

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Magic Potions

When they were younger, our children loved making magic potions. They’d fill jam jars with water, mud, my wife’s perfume, Fairy Liquid, etc. Then they’d seal the lid and put them on display on their bookshelves for weeks. Is there … Continue reading

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Killer Jar

We were fascinated by killing bugs when we were children and we devised some pretty cruel ways of doing the killing. The smallest bugs we’d kill were those tiny red spiders – about the size of a full-stop – that … Continue reading

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One summer my brother and I were walking up the river Gele when we spied some older boys with guns. They each had a powerful air pistol. As they walked up the stream in the water they’d stop periodically, lift … Continue reading

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George & Dragon ca.1875

Further to the photo of the George & Dragon, here is what it looked like in 1875.

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Bryngwenallt Abergele postcard c1930

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Eyewitness account of Abergele rail accident

“The Fenians were supposed to have the secret of a mysterious combustible known as “Greek Fire” which was unquenchable by water. I think that “Greek Fire” was nothing more or less than ordinary petroleum, which was practically unknown in Europe … Continue reading

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Danny and the George

Everyone remembers their first pint. Mine was a pint of sweet nutty Ansell’s Mild at the Pen y Bont pool bar and it cost me 28p. I won’t mention how old I was at the time. Abergele being a market … Continue reading

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New series of Abergele in Shorts stories starts tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, a new series of new Abergele in Shorts stories, taking us up until Christmas. Regular readers of this website will be familiar with the old Abergele in Shorts stories. I hope you enjoy these new stories.

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