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Old High St Windmill

This is a watercolour by Harry Gee of the old limewashed windmill that used to be attached to the red brick warehouse at the bottom of High St. Note how the warehouse used to be taller than it is today.

watercolour by Harry Gee of old windmill, Abergele

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White horses on Abergele beach

postcard showing rough seas at Pensarn beach

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Boxing Day Dip circa 1985 Pensarn

It was an annual event during the 1980s, Abergele Scout members used to run into the sea every Boxing Day morning. I know because my brother Gwynedd was one of them. He’s the one wrapped in the white towel in this photo.
Abergele Scouts members on their Boxing Day dip

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Welsh rhyme about Abergele


Ar garlam, ar garlam,
I ffair Abergele;
Ar ffrwst, ar ffrwst,
I ffair Lanrwst.

– Owen M. Edwards, Yr Hwiangerddi

This is an old out-of-copyright Welsh nursery rhyme.
At a gallop, at a gallop,
To Abergele fair
In a hurry, in a hurry
To Llanrwst fair.

It’s from a collection of Welsh nursery rhymes gathered together by Owen M. Edwards, who also founded the Urdd Welsh youth movement.