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Photo of iconic Abergele shop J. Pierce Williams

This was always a beautiful shop – the most beautiful in the whole of Abergele. I wish, when the Halifax too it over, that they’d placed their branding in such a way as to preserve more of the character of … Continue reading

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Rotary arm prize game at Pensarn amusements arcade

Lovely old wooden cabinet, mirror turntable, rotary arm game at Williams Amusements Pensarn beach, Abergele.

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Taking me back

After reading Abergele in Shorts, just before it relocated to this site, Dave Williams wrote: “Thanks for taking me back to the sights, sounds and indeed smells of my childhood (the old market tunnel!). I am a descendant of an … Continue reading

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Anyone know Harold, Bessie or Eva Williams?

Here’s a message from Joan, who makes an appeal: “Hi, wondered if anyone knows anything about my family. My great grandparents were Benjamin & Jemina Williams, at sometime they lived at Fairfield, Sea Rd, circa 1900. They had 3 children … Continue reading

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Sea Road as it used to look

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Charles Darwin’s childhood memories of Abergele

“I was born at Shrewsbury on February 12th, 1809, and my earliest recollection goes back only to when I was a few months over four years old, when we went to near Abergele for sea-bathing, and I recollect some events … Continue reading

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